Wizdom MusicがあたらしいiOSソフトウェアシンセ+MIDIコントローラーGeo Synthをリリース。SampleWizのJordan Rudess,  Kevin ChartierそしてMugicianのRob Fieldingのコラボレーションでマルチタッチスクリーンをふんだんに利用し多彩な表現を可能にするiOSソフトウェア。おもな特徴としてミクロトナル奏法(微分音:平均律において半音より狭い音程のこと)をサポート、Snap Speed Controlではどのくらいの早さでフレット間のノートを移動するのか設定ができるのでギターなど弦楽器のような演奏が可能となる。ピアノ鍵盤でのシンセ奏法とはひと味違った演奏が楽しめるそうです。(残念ながらこの機能はMIDI送信非対応)


  • ability to load waveforms from SampleWiz presets
  • octave rounding for effortless soloing over large ranges
  • whammy slider with absolute and relative modes
  • 12ET, 24ET, 53ET, and 665ET temperament options
  • mono, string, and full-polyphony modes
  • tuning and transposition controls
  • snap speed control to affect how quickly the instrument pulls notes in tune
  • playing surface options for number of rows and columns on screen
  • octave and fifth harmonics synthesis options to rich, organ-like sounds
  • gain control to add distortion to the sound
  • FM and touch FM controls for timbal variation
  • mono out for use with guitar amps
  • sine, sawtooth, square, and custom (SampleWiz) wave options
  • attack and release controls
  • synthesis body control
  • lowpass filter with resonance
  • stereo delay
  • reverb
  • MIDI output with polyphonic note bending and multiple configuration options to allow compatibility with a wide range of hardware and software synthesizers
  • performance menu lets you make your own custom menu so all the controls you need are always right at your fingertips
  • 40 presets carefully selected by Jordan Rudess, including patches from Jordan’s personal sound library

App Storeにて¥850

Geo Synthesizer

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